Fussell Engineering

Consulting & Design

Fussell Engineering is a small firm, and as such can be very responsive to all your requirements. Our professional strengths include careful attention to internal communications for project coordination. We emphasize listening carefully to clients before initiating even preliminary design work - to be absolutely certain that we fully understand the client's requirements and desires.

Cost estimates we provide for use in evaluating bid submissions are consistently within five percent of the successful bid. Our attention to detail and professional quality of work in preparation of final drawings, plans, and specifications is exemplified by a change order rate which is typically at or under one percent.

One important reason for such a successful level of communication between our firm and bidders and contractors on our projects is our use of CD-ROM and digital photo integration whenever such a picture can more clearly communicate a complex aspect of the project's requirements. To illustrate the advantage in clarity of this technology, several examples from recent projects are included on the digital photography web page.

Please review these web pages for information on how Fussell Engineering can help you. Our staff is capable in many areas. We use innovative technologies, such as digital photography, to enhance the communication between us and our clients and between us and contractors. This is part of our constant effort to provide high-quality engineering services at a fair price.

Thank you for visiting our website. We have detailed brochures as well as job fact sheets available upon request or you can download our brochure from the link below. Please feel free to call 406-721-6996 or 214-810-1887, or e-mail us at fus@aol.com.


Fussell Engineering is a consulting engineering company with offices in Missoula, Montana and Garland, TX. In addition, we provide Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) surveys for architectural barriers as well as program barriers. In Missoula, we provide a variety of computer consulting services including network design, hardware and software upgrades and general computer system troubleshooting. Our computer services are limited to Macintosh computer systems.