Fussell Engineering Corporation is a full service engineering corporation owned and operated since 1986 in Missoula, MT by Mike Fussell, P.E. Our experience with widely dispersed clients in the northern Rockies—clients frequently several hundred miles distant—has taught us to maximize distance compressing capabilities of currently expanding electronic technology that allow us to establish and maintain clear communications with our clients over extended distances.

Since 1997, we have maintained additional offices in Garland, TX, serving architectural clients in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, with projects across Texas and in numerous other states. Professionally licensed now in nine states, engineering registration in other states can be secured through national reciprocity as additional projects require.

Fussell Engineering is a small firm. As such, we can be promptly responsive to all your requirements. Our many professional strengths include careful attention to internal communications for project coordination. We emphasize listening carefully to clients before initiating even preliminary design work – to be absolutely certain we fully understand the client's requirements and needs, both for the immediate project specifics and for future planned use or growth of the facilities. Cost estimates we provide for use in evaluating project bid submissions are consistently within five percent of the successful bid. Our attention to detail and professional quality of work in the preparation of final drawings, plans and specifications are exemplified by a change order rate typically at or under one percent, and extensive repeat business.

One important reason for such a successful level of communication with bidders and contractors on our projects is our use of digital and video photo integration whenever such pictures can better communicate a complex aspect of the project's requirements. By such visual documentation of existing conditions and clarity in describing the scope of work, we reduce uncertainty and that means more competitive bids.

Often we have bidders who have enough confidence in our plan sets that they do not need to make a pre-bid job site visit. This expands the pool of potential bidders. We are a pioneer in using digital photography as a basic part of our drawing methodology. Examples of this technology can be found by clicking here.

Fussell Engineering has earned a reputation for providing sound engineering services to its clients. We believe in the personal touch – that is, the involvement of the firm's engineers in all parts of a project. We have gained a reputation for being responsive. Our fees are based upon costs – not on what the market will bear.

We are not a large firm, but we can do many things that a large firm cannot do. We look forward to providing you the quality of services and professional level of engineering excellence which your projects require.